Saturday, August 22, 2009

have you missed me???

**apology in advance for not so great picture quality... they are taken on my blackberry which doesn't like pictures I am assuming!**

Chloe is trying on her flower girl dress for my younger brothers upcoming wedding on September 19.
It will be a lot of fun, both of the girls are flower girls, but for some reason I can not find Kylies picture?

Chloe had her friend Kaylin stay the night for the first time!

The night was a blast! I took the 3 girls along with my mom to a park and got icecream.... I put Kylie to bed early and let the big girls stay up and watch a movie and eat popcorn...Then I finally got them into bed around midnight! *yikes*

I have talked for ever about an etsy shop..... I finally found my niche.

From top to bottom and left to right:
1.rustic and distressed hand painted signs
2. bright and cheery name signs
3. stitcheries, either in pillow form or in a frame (the crow not yet finished)
4. hand dipped reed diffusers in various scents....

Once I have more stocked up, I will open shop! Keep checking in to see when it will open!! I will also do a giveaway when I open!

My big 6 year old.....
Wow, the things that will happen to you soon....

As of a few days ago, she has lost a total of 6 teeth, with 2 very loose ones left in the front.....

She is starting her acro (tumbling) class soon (oh, so is Kylie!)

Start of first grade....that is a major achievement! It is so hard for me to accept her growing up so fast!!! I love just hugging her and our special talks! She will always be my princess no matter how old she is!

I hope everyone out in bloggy land has been doing great! Even without me blogging, I am still tweeting and reading everyones blogs! I will be much better at the blog thing as I get my shop up and running and get a schedule for the girls activities!!!

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Bridgett said...

Parker has lost 7 teeth. I'm waiting for the 8th one to drop soon.

He starts 1st grade too on Wednesday. I'm not quite ready yet.

Love that you're starting an Etsy shop. Very cool.