Thursday, October 15, 2009

My baby is kind of famous!!!!

See that picture??

Last year when my inlaws and I got along famously, they took the girls to get their Christmas pictures done at our local Sears....

A few days ago, my mother in law recieved a phone call from Sears about that picture.

The lady said out of all the pictures they took last Christmas, THAT picture was still on their minds and Sears would like to use it for their Christmas displays inside Sears and the mall with our permission!

Of course I jumped up and down and told Jason to say yes!! I am going to call Sears myself and see if I might be able to even get free pictures this year for them using her picture!!! I am so proud of my sweetie pie!!!

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Stephanie said...

So neat!!! That really is a great picture.

Psst... your Etsy link isn't working.

You are too sweet. It was my pleasure :) I wish you tons and tons of luck.

Rue said...

What a sweetie - no wonder they chose the picture! Congrats!

Bridgett said... cool is that!
I can see why though. That picture is adorable. :)

Off to check out your Etsy shop.