Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow, how things change!!!

It has been such a long time since I have wrote on here and so many things have changed, for the best of course!

I'll start back from November and work our way forward to catch everyone up! We did separate in November. I moved back to my home town to excape the drama that Wellington offered. I kept Chloe in school out there, so everyday I drive her back and forth. No biggie, it kept things pretty normal for her. Shortly after separating, Jason and I agree to take our time and see how things play out. Our anniversary is New Years Eve and we actually went to dinner together. It was nice, being able to laugh and get along!

February 2, we went to divorce court and the divorce was finalized. Around that time, Jason and the girls started going to church with a couple we are good friends with. Then, one day our Pastor was talking about disciples and Jason asked if I would like to attend a service. I went and just loved it! I grew up Luthern, and this church is Pentecostal and its so incredible! I love the band that plays, I love the energy, happiness and the good feeling I have when I leave. I have been attending church since the end of February. It really has been such a good thing for Jason and I.

Jason takes the girls when ever he is home from work and we are still just taking our time. In a weird way, divorce was great for us. We are such stubborn, proud people that we couldn't communicate correctly. It was always a fight to see who could hurt the other the worst with words. Now, we can actually talk thru our issues without insults! I am so much happier right now.

I have been trying like crazy to find a job. Wow, that is so hard to do!!! Hardly any business' in my area are hiring for what I am qualified for. But, I am out there every day putting out as many resumes as I can! I know something will come eventually, ut it would be fabulous to have a job now before my extra spousal support runs out!!! lol

I know there probably is so much I am leaving out, but for the life of me, I really can't recall it right now! We had a fabulous Easter breakfast and service at church yesterday then I had the girls with me at my sister's Easter get together. It was such a gorgeous day!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I really appriciate all the very sweet thoughts and concerns for me and the girls, from my last post. Things are definitally looking up for me! I'll be back soon with pictures of the girls and more updates!


Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Well I'm certainly glad you're doing okay.. I remember reading your posts last year when you were hurting so much, and I know it's so refreshing to finally wear a smile. :) Missed seeing you in blog-world.. I've been away for a while too, but I've been trying to gradually pick it back up.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter with the girls, and I can't wait to see updated pictures!

jayant said...

Hello Sara!
I'm sorry for the divorce bit and felt really happy to see that things are looking better for you now. I'll definitely pray for you to get a job asap. Well, the description that you put of yourself and Jason reminds me of myself and a friend of mine. We fight at least once every week and then its a contest as to whose words portray more hatred towards the other! We swear we'll never talk to each other and its such a phase right now! :(

BernadetteM said...

Hello. Divorce is such a hard thing to go through. How are the girls handling it?

I'm sorry you're having a hard time finding a job. I haven't read other blogs you've posted so I'm not sure what your line of work is in but I'm an Event Planner and I am trying out this company called WIN Int'l that has a bunch of wellness products. I just started but I thought I'd pass it onto you as well. Take a look at my site: and click on OPPORTUNITY. Good luck! Will be back!